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An Overview...

Linnas Bandira Amareja, or Yellow Flag Lines is Porto Capital's flag cargo shipping lines. Our company is based in Porto Capital city, one of the most important seaports on the Melanian continent. Our ships can take any cargo to most nations of the world, in a matter of a few weeks.

No matter the cargo, no matter the destination... We will take it there.

Our Destinations...

Yellow Flag Lines' ships operate on all the Portocapitalian seaports: Porto Capital, Sol, Cidade D'Ouro, Baía, Oran, Espada and Batista. Although we currently have no regular international routes, our ships may be chartered to take any amount of cargo to anywhere in the world.

 Our Fleet...

Our company operates only vessels made on it's drydocks, on Porto Capital city. Currently, we have ten cargo ships:

Bandira Amareja-class
Lenght: 150 meters

Bow: 20 meters

Maximum Speed: 30 knots

Cruise Speed: 25 knots

Cargo Capacity: 3000 tons

Registered Vessels:
NPP Bandira Amareja - Oil tanker

NPP Revolusón - Container ship

NPP Porto Capital - Container ship

NPP Sol - Grain transporter

NPP Cidade D'Ouro - Container ship

NPP Baía - Container ship

NPP Presidente - Grain transporter

NPP Cidade de Oran - Oil tanker

NPP Batista - Oil tanker

NPP Espada - Chemical tanker

 Our Services...

Our company's services can be very important to your company. Apart from our shipping services, we have also a ship construction service. Our drydocks can make the ideal vessel for your shipping line, or for your country's navy. Contact our sales department for more information.


Linnas Bandira Amareja
Çtrade Portwarie, 32. Porto Capital, EX, Porto Capital

Telephone: (78) 1-1 223-567

E-mail: Sales and Costumer Department


Our company's house flag

Another version of our flag

Our drydock

Our company's headquarters