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          Tech Area

Tech Area

Carlos speaking. Let's tech-talk here, shall we?

I've been toying with the idea of a Siberian-Turkic-Mongolic analogue nation in the former Red Sky Lakes at least since April 2005. As soon as I had most of the stuff done (inside my head, at least...), I contacted Mike Ham, who gave me green light to this project. And so was born the Abaki Soviet!

The Abakians are Vex's equivalent to the Mongolic and Turkic peoples of Siberia and Central Asia - Mongols, Uzbeks, Kazakhs and Nenets, mainly. Their language is Ulanovan - that is, Russian - although you may expect an Abaki language to appear sometime. Or not. =)

Talking on languages... There's some Russian text on these pages, haven't you noticed? Yes, that's real Russian. I thank my (very) limited knowledge of the language for that. =)

As for the Soviet... No, the Abaki government is not a bunch of red-evil-god-hating-baby-eating-pro-Gronkian commies. I've simply taken the word "soviet" back to its basic meaning in Russian: "council". Since there was never a Soviet Union in Vexillium, the word retained its original meaning on this world, instead of being forever linked with Communism. Yes, I intended to create some confusion with this. And it sounds great or what? I mean, just listen to it, "Abaki Soviet". The strong syllabe is the "ba" in "Abaki". =)

Guess that's it for now...

- Carlos the Portocapitalian.
- Or Carlos the Abaki.
- Or Carlos Augusto.
- Or Carlos Straczynski.
- Or The Brazilian Guy.
- Or just Carlos. Whatever. =)

"Abaki Soviet", "Abakia", and all related to it (except where noted otherwise), Carlos Augusto Straczynski, 2005.
All rights reserved. But fell free to do anything Vex-related and non-profitable with it.