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Porto Capital, National District - Thursday, 3rd of January 302 - Number 0001


 Citizens will decide if their cities will become part of PC or Ordland - By Miguel Sierra

PORTO CAPITAL - Last Wednesday, 2nd of January, President Melo anounced the Portocapitalians will vote on a plebscite on the fully estabilishment of our nation.

On this plebscite, the citizens will decide if each city will remain as part of Porto Capital, or if it shall become part of the colapsed Empire of Mauritanie, as an Ordlandic protectorate.

The president said "This voting was the only way to make sure the people's will is what the people will have".

Before Extremo and Brolecia collapsed, these nations were under Ordlandic protection. After Porto Capital rised, President Melo decided on this referendum, to avoid any diplomatic tensions between PC and Ordland.

The plebscite will be hold in two days, on the 5th of January. The results will be announced on the 6th.


 The national oil producer starts operations at new platform, off Oran - By João Ortega

ORAN - Petromax, Porto Capital's petroleum drilling and fuel producer company, has announced it started drilling operations at the new PM-16 off-shore platform, off the coast of Oran, near the Ordlandic border. The company's CEO, mr. Daniel Juarez, pushed the 'on' button on the platform.

The PM-16 is the first Portocapitalian petroleum platform. All the others Petromax's platforms - PM-01 to PM-15 - were bought by Petromax from collapsed Brolecian enterprises.


 New operational system to be compatible with all existing softwares - By João Ortega

BELO QUINTO - BeloSoft, the nation's prime computer and software company, announced it has began developping it's operational system "MultiSys".

According to Pedro Parede, chief-programmer, "The new operational system will support near to 95% of the softwares released to others systems. This means no more compatibility errors".

The new operational system will be on stores in mid-302.


 A football championship on PC, with teams from the National District - By Paulo Soares

PORTO CAPITAL - The managers of four amateurs football teams from Porto Capital City - Extremo, Capital, Distrito and Vilanova - will be debating, on the next few days, the rules for the First Metropolitan Cup, the first football championship on The People's Republic of Porto Capital.

Not much information about the tournment was provided. All we know is all the games are going to be at the Estádio da Vilanova, on Porto Capital's suburb.

"We hope this will be only the first of many football championships on our nation", said mr. Leonardo Gonzales, manager of the Capital team.  As football fans, we must agree with him.


 24 Portocapitalian athletes will be on the next Winter Vexgames - By Paulo Soares

PORTO CAPITAL - The National Government anounced last Wednesday the names of all the Portocapitalian athletes who are going to the Winter Vexgames on Seepaeyguey, Westermarc.

Twenty-four men and women will compete for the gold medals against athletes from all around Vexillium, in ten sports: Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Ski Jump, Biathlon, Bobsled, Skeleton, Snowboarding, Speed Skating, Curling and Ice Fishing.

"We all want to bring some medals home, but, let's not forget the VexGames' ideal: 'Competing is the most important'", said Cal Torrez, from the Curling Team.

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