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CiVex - Civilization Vexillium Modpack

What is Vexillium?

Vexillium is a web-based planetary game invented by Edward Mooney, Jr., founded on 1997, that allows you to create your own country on the imaginary planet of Vexillium. It particularly impresses with its degree of realism and interaction. Currently there are over forty players from all over the planet, with their own countries, flags, maps, diplomacy, conflicts, alliances...

Everybody is welcome to visit, and if you are interested, you may be able to join in the game! If you like board, play-by-mail, diplomacy, role-playing, or interactive fiction games, you should check this out!

For more information, visit the Vexillium Website.

What is CiVex?

CiVex is a modification package for Microprose Sid Meyer's Civilation II Gold Edition, fitting to the imaginary planet of Vexillium. You will be able to play Civilization with the Vexillian nations, build Vexillian wonders of the world...

Where to download?

A very beta version (Currently, 0.02) of CiVex is avaiable for download here. Just unzip it on your Civilization folder. It will replace some files, so, please, don't forget to backup them!

Changes Log

26 - May - 2002 - Version 0.02
- All the units are ok.
- Added the Perpetual Motion Globes and the Electra Mundi.
- The Gronkians, Albionish and Islandians are done. (Thanks, Randy and Marcus!)

11 - May - 2002 - Version 0.01
- First public release.

"Civilization", copyright 1994-2002, Microprose Corporation
"Vexillium", copyright 1997-2002, Edward Mooney, Jr.
"CiVex", copyright 2002, Carlos Augusto de Melo