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Although Porto Capital seeks peace on Vexillium, we shall be ready for defend ourselves against a foreign menace, as well as helping maintaining peace on other nations. But, is not our intention to build up a large miltary force. Our very prepared Military is made of three branches: 


The Army is Porto Capital's main strike and defence force. It shall be ready to wipe out the enemy of our land at all time. Also, it has Peacekeepping Forces. These shall be sent to anywhere in the planet, to help restoring peace and order on countries recently waged by war. 


The Navy has the duty of mantaining peace and enforce law on the Portocapitalian coast. Once a unprepered force, fitted with no more than old patrol boats, it is currently being modernized through the help of the Greater Zartanian Empire. It's vessels act on a variety of missions, such as law enforcement, patrolling, pollution fighting, defense operations.

The 900-foot long Crossbow-class carrier NMP Invencible (formerly ZNS Crossbow) was bought from Zartania on late 302. Armed with anti-aircraft and anti-ship guns, this vessel is used mainly on long-range patrol missions, and also as a troop transport and amphibious support operations, mainly on peacekeeping efforts.

The 378-foot Lideransa-class cruisers are the backbone of the Portocapitalian navy. All the six units of this series (NMP Lideransa, Libertade, Victória, Valiente, Protetora and Paxfacer) are equiped with one 76mm main cannon, two 25mm and 50mm machine guns, and also two torpedo launchers. It's crew is made of 170 men. Highly versatile and capable of performing a variety of missions, such as search and rescue, oceanographic research, law enforcement and defense operations, the Lideransa-class cruisers are powered by diesel engines and gas turbines. Equiped with an helicopter flight deck and all the facilities to support helicopter deployment.

Due to it's qualities, the Kingdom of Caledon acquired the right to build the Lideransa-class for it's own Coast Guard. Also, such cruisers' design is related to the Greater Burovian Realm's Burt Callawar-class.

The Portocapitalian navy owns thirty-six 110-foot Constituison-class frigates. They were designed for long-term patrol operations, search and rescue. Since they are equiped only with one 25mm and four 50mm machine guns, they are not intended mainly to defense operations. It's crew is made of twenty men.

We also own 216 forty-foot Delfín-class patrol boats. These mostly unarmed vessels are used for missions such as light cargo and personel transport, fire fighting, tugging, ports and waterways protection, boarding... Some of these act also as light assault boats, armed with a 50mm machine gun on the rear.


The Portocapitalian Air Force is responsible for keepping our air space under our sovereignty. It shall drive any air menace out of our borders.


The T-27 'Deadelus' is our basic training plane. This two-seat turboprop is the very first aircraft the pilot-to-be shall master. The Portocapitalian Air Force currently owns arround seventy of these aircraft.

The T-26 'Pegasus' is our advanced trainer. This light jet aircraft has several points for the attachment of missiles for training. If necessary, the 'Pegasus' can act as an light bomber.

We have thirty units of the Zartanian-made Empire Aircraft F-11 'Hawk'. They can act on a variety of missions, such as patroling, reconaissance, bombing or intercepting. They can be armed with as many as eight air-air or air-ground missiles.

The Portocapitalian Airforce owns twenty-five units of the Caledonian Airworks F-1F. These are among the best air superiority fighters existing in Vexillium, and are used mainly as defensive interceptors.

The Air Force uses two roundels. One is made of concentric circles of blue, yellow and red. The other one is an wing-like symbol whose colors may vary according to the plane's own color.


Although not a real military force, the Police deserves to be listed here. There are three police forces, one for each State, all of them under the Ministerie of Justice's Department of the Police Forces. They are responsible for law enforcement on the cities, border guards, forest guards and customs.