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On the times of the Mauretanian Empire, the Portocapitalian people had no much problems in life. However, the quality of life dropped significantly since the Empire's fall. Although the former Brolecian and Extreman governments raised the people's quality of life, it has improved much better since the Peaceful Revolution. Unemployment, illiteracy, all the problems which other nations have also exist in Porto Capital, although much less than in other countries.


About 54% of our people follows Cruisanism, most of them by the Portocapitalian Cruisan Church, former Imperial Mauretanian Church. Other 31% follows Mounism, nearly all on the less conservative Mauretanian Sect, a heritage from the times of the Empire. Others 9% are followers of Mezapatism, an indigenous religion, heired from the former Mezapatani civilization which lived on the Bajapeian Jungle from 2800 BP until their assimilation by Longerathian colonizers in 50 AP. Also, some 6% follows no religion.


Extreman, spoken by 43%, is the nation's most widely spoken language. Extreman has it's origins on the old Extreman civilization. It is very closely related to the others Liliance languages, although it is a highly distorted one.

Partogees, also known as Arosian or Moranguese, is spoken by some 31% of our people, most of them on the state of Guetaso. Spaneesh, also known as Sanpatrician, is spoken by 23%, on the state of Bajapez.

There are also pockets of Ingallish-speakers on the city of Ingália Extrema, Orabic arround Oran, Mezapati arround the city of Mezapata, and also local dialects.

Due to the problems caused by the usage of so many languages in just one nation, the government is on a major campaign to incentivate the people to learn the Aro-Extreman dialect and adopt it as the nation's Lingua Franca.