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The Ministeries are the Government's entitys which control the day-to-day operations of the country. Each one of the twelve Ministeries is controled by a Minister, apointed by the Senate. Also, each Ministery has a certain number of Departments, with responsability on a certain area of the Ministery.


The current Ministers and Department Chiefs are:

Ministery of Military Affairs: Homero Geraldo Aguiar 
Dept. of the Air Force: Brigadier Ivan Frota Neves
Dept. of the Army: Marshall Anderson Gil Ibrahim
Dept. of the Navy: Admiral Ferdinand Auguste de Franc
Dept. of Research and Development: Gustavo Pereira Moreno

Ministery of Justice: Calvino José de Alencar
Dept. of the Police Forces: Marcos Arizabalagi de Moraes
Dept. of Registrations: Juliana Yovess Alvarez

Ministery of Enviroment: Luís Inácio Gomes
Dept. of Enviromental Pollution: Juan Barrenechea Figueira
Dept. of National Parks: Emília Ashpe Osabide
Dept. of Fauna and Flora: Claude Sar Mapsumdel

Ministery of Education: Enéas Carneiro Barbado    
Dept. of Basic Education: Rachel Laffer Melo
Dept. of the Universities: Celso Daniel Yanez
Dept. of Museums and Libraries: Edson Ademir Costa
Dept. of Sports: Andrei Almeida Arcadievitch
Dept. of Researching: Sérgio Marcus Mota
Dept. of Culture: Ana Cecília Zubizarreta

Ministery of Communications: Maria da Santa Cruz
Dept. of Radio and Television: Armando Nascimento do Criso
Dept. of the Telephone System: Alexandra Gomes da Silva
Dept. of Internet: Mario Zaahid al'Sahaf
Dept. of the Mail: Ludovico Alexandre Santana
Dept. of Newspapers: Manoel Antônio Joaquim
Dept. of Propaganda: José Sildávia Afnan
Dept. of Publical Relations: Enrique Javier Hoora

Ministery of Economy: Haroldo de Melo Alameda  
Dept. of the Finances: Celso Eduardo Hipólito
Dept. of Minting: Lázaro Aparecido Nazareno

Ministery of Transportation: Cláudio Marques de Queiróz
Dept. of Air Transportation: Marcos Clein Cardoso
Dept. of Sea Transportation: Joana Jartandel Silva

Dept. of Road Transportation: Bruno Cardoso Gusmão

Ministery of Agriculture: Fernanda Vianna Yush  

Ministery of Trade: Franco Cecco Medishi 

Ministery of Health: Wilson Figueiredo Martins

Ministery of Industry: Paulo Halveti al'Jerahi

Ministery of Labour: Marta Twovez Smith